Write your own story.


This is your retirement.

Your hard work, your saving, your planning. A United Income membership allows you to focus on your story while we handle the work that brings it to life.

Retirement Paycheck

You will receive a paycheck every month, just like when you were working. We optimize your investments to build a balance of fixed and variable income. Your expenses are covered every month, and your investments deliver the retirement lifestyle you’ve been looking forward to. All you need to do is tell us where to deposit your money.

Investment Optimization

We know that you don’t fall into one of six portfolio “buckets.” Our methodology generates a personalized portfolio of investments and products that are based on your individualized retirement spending curve, your risk tolerance, and your retirement goals.

Personalized Advice

As a member, you’ll work with real financial advisors to build a retirement plan that goes beyond investments. A successful retirement doesn’t mean beating an index or a benchmark. A successful retirement means living your best life. We act in the best interest of our members, always.

Are Retirees Living Too Frugally?

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