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Effectively managing and investing money is difficult. We are here to help.

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Our team has led the development and implementation of numerous laws and regulations governing the financial markets, advised high net-worth investors, and led the development of new technologies, including one of the world’s largest investment management products, now managing over $100B in assets.

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We invented a technology that considers millions of possible financial plan options tied not just to investment markets, but also your health, spending, and major decisions, like when to retire. This unified system of consumer finance allows us to explore combinations of financial plan decisions and market outcomes that can unlock new potential to grow wealth.

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We track changes in health, markets, and priorities to continually update and rebalance investments and financial plans to maximize your Total Wealth Return regardless of what stage in life you are at. Every member also receives a budget; and United Income will initiate monthly withdrawals from investment accounts so retired members can receive a “paycheck” every month, just like when they were working.

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Efficient Investing

Using our new technology, and our approach of Efficient Investing, we bring all of your major financial decisions together in one place to create truly personalized investment strategies for each member. We do this because we know that your different financial needs and goals each have different risk profiles and time horizons, which require different investment strategies. As a fiduciary, we will only recommend investments that are in your best interest.

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Our members receive access to a financial advisor, but there’s more: our Full Service members also have access to a private concierge service. This team can assist with other needs—from major tasks like transitioning to retirement to everyday needs like finding in-home care or lawn-care. We’re here to serve our members, make them happy, and help bring their retirement dreams to life.

We aim to make it easier to extend the life of your money.

Customized Financial Planning

We tailor your financial and investment plan to your specific needs and goals, providing guidance on everything from when to claim Social Security to potential future spending needs.

Sophisticated Investment Strategy

Our investing strategy uses new technology that aims to address your unique needs and dreams, while managing risk and minimizing taxes – and all while keeping costs substantially lower than the market average.

Day-to-Day Management

We monitor your financial plan, initiate withdrawals to cover your expenses, handle required minimum distributions, and generally help ensure that you are on track.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Forma 1 What makes United Income different?

    Many traditional money management approaches reflect a long-passed world when human life was briefer, technology more limited, and our lives more local. At United Income, we knew this outdated system needed to be revolutionized. Using new technology and data, we invented a money management solution that aims to extend the life and potential of money to complement the innovations that have extended human life. Our solution focuses on not just market dynamics, but also individual decisions and possible life events in the future that can affect financial outcomes. We translate that unique understanding of how the world works into powerful and personalized money management for our members.

  • Forma 1 How do you define success?

    We define success as accomplishing the highest number of your financial needs and goals throughout your life at the lowest possible risk. For some people, that may mean striving to earn a return that beats the market; for others, it could be keeping risk as low as possible. Our new technology and approach has the power to adapt to each person with the goal of positioning them to reach their definition of success.

  • Forma 1 How do I get started?

    You can start with either a financial plan or by transferring money into United Income to begin investing. You can also get started by yourself using our software or you can set-up an appointment with one of our financial advisors. Whichever path you select, we will ask you a few simple questions about yourself and your household as a first step.

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