Reducing Taxes

Lower Taxes + Increased Wealth = More Goals.

Intelligent Cost Basis Accounting

Investors often have choices about which investments to sell, with important tax implications. For instance, imagine that you own 100 shares in the Vanguard S&P Index Fund, and 50 of those shares were bought at 20% of its current value; the other were bought at 80% of its current value. If you need to sell 20 shares, we will intelligently select the shares bought at 80% of the S&P value since your tax basis will be significantly higher and what you owe significantly less. This is one of the many ways we seek every tax advantage we can for our members.

Tax Efficient Portfolios

Different investment products have different tax implications. Taxable capital gains are created when investments are sold for a profit. One way to minimize those taxes is to consider the turnover, or the volume of trading, that is typical of an investment, like a mutual fund or ETF. We always strive to find investment options that minimize taxes for our members.