Investment Management

We help our members make investment decisions that help position them to reach their goals.

Personalized Investment Portfolios and Management

Our unique approach to investment management is based on your preferences and priorities. That approach may seem obvious, but it is hardly common practice. First, we determine the risk that you want to assign to each of your priorities. Then, we look at your assets and expected future income, like Social Security, and thousands of potential market outcomes, to create a bespoke investment plan just for you.

Integrated Investment Management

The mathematicians on our team are fond of this Albert Einstein quote: “Pure mathematics is...the poetry of logical ideas.” While United Income takes a highly sophisticated approach to understanding the world and managing money, the outcome is an easy to understand, elegant solution for our members. For us, it is poetry to see the data we collect – from global market figures to information about your health – put to use to find the optimal investment strategy for you.

Our United Team

Smart investing requires smart people. Our team is backed by Morningstar, a global leader in independent financial information. Our people are Ph.D.s and Masters graduates from Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, MIT, Oxford, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, Yale, and other top schools. Our mission: to provide you with the most sophisticated, elegant investment management solution in the world.

Automatic Rebalancing and Optimization

Our investment portfolios are rebalanced opportunistically and strategically by our team. Your investment strategy at United Income is based on the optimal combination of stocks, bonds, and cash, given your other assets (like housing), benefits (like Social Security), and accounts (like 401ks). We will periodically rebalance your portfolio to make sure that you stay aligned with your investment strategy; you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself.