Investment Management

You set your goals. We manage your investments to help bring them to life.

Personalized Investment Portfolios and Management

Your preferences and priorities drive our unique approach to investment management: Efficient Investing. That approach may seem obvious, but it is hardly common practice. Every one of your priorities deserves its own investment strategy.

You don’t want one investment strategy for all of your retirement spending. For example, you probably want a low-risk, highly liquid investment strategy to cover your essential spending: housing costs and monthly bills. At the same time, you may be willing to invest more aggressively for a down payment on that condo in Vail.

Each spending goal in United Income, from the essentials to your dreams, gets its own investment strategy and portfolio. Then we look at all your assets and expected future income, like Social Security, and thousands of potential market outcomes, to create a bespoke investment plan just for you. As a fiduciary, we will only recommend investments that are in your best interest.

Integrated Investment Management

Life changes fast – so should your investments. By fusing financial planning and investment management, we automatically adjust your investments based on changes in your life, your health, or how much you expect to spend. And, our advice to you reflects all income sources and outside assets, not just the balances we manage.

Our United Team

Smart investing requires smart people. Our company is backed by Morningstar, a global leader in independent financial information. Our people hold graduate degrees from top schools, and many have held senior positions in key financial institutions and large government agencies. Our shared goal: to provide you with the most sophisticated investment management solution in the world.

Automatic Rebalancing and Optimization

Our investment portfolios are rebalanced opportunistically and strategically by our team. Your investment strategy at United Income is based on the optimal combination of stocks, bonds, and cash, given your other assets (like housing), benefits (like Social Security), and accounts (like 401ks). We will periodically rebalance your portfolio to make sure that you stay aligned with your investment strategy; you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself. And we’ll work to minimize any tax consequences from rebalancing taxable accounts.