Concierge Team

A private concierge will take care of the things you don’t want to do.

Leave the paperwork to us

Financial planning is a lot of work! That is why so many websites give you quick calculators. But, these are often very unsophisticated tools that often don’t answer your questions. We think you deserve better. To help you out, we can provide a concierge to track down your information for you, from long forgotten 401k accounts to insurance plans.

We can also go a step further when you retire and fill out a lot of paperwork for you. Retiring is not easy. There are a lot of forms to sort through. But, our experts can take care of this for you if you want. You’ve earned it.

Let us help make you happier

We find experiences that we think you’ll enjoy. Once you become a member, we want to get to know what you like to do. Your hobbies. Passion. Dreams. We then go out and curate experiences for you, informing you over email about opportunities to extend your interests. That includes everything from volunteering opportunities to obscure adventure trips, how to get there and where to stay and eat. We can also add the associated spending to your financial plan. We’re in the business of helping people bring their dreams to life.

Here is a sample of the services our concierge team can provide you:

  • Enroll in Social Security Benefits
  • Enroll in Medicare Benefits
  • Find Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Consolidate Financial Accounts
  • Manage Required Minimum Distributions
  • Withdraw from 401(k) Plans
  • Recommend Elderly Care Services
  • Find Experiences You’ll Enjoy

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