We create personalized spending plans for our members that help them reach their goals.

Personalized Spending Plans

You’ve worked hard to save money; in retirement, you get to spend it! Did you know that, according to our proprietary research, spending in retirement can go up or down on any given year by as much as 50 percent? Most retirees have sudden, large expenses one year followed by few expenses the next year. Do you feel confident that your financial advisor or investment manager is thinking about this?

Determining your expected spending is the single most important part of planning for retirement. That’s why we built sophisticated technology that harnesses big data to create personalized spending plans for our members.

Personalized Health Expense Planning

Everyone has a different medical background, which means everyone’s going to face different health care costs. At United Income, our members receive a personalized health spending projection and a plan for managing those future expenses. We regularly update this projection based on changes to your health, the market, or any number of other variables.

Dreams and Experiences

We help make once-in-a-lifetime experiences a reality by incorporating your dreams and goals into your personalized spending plans. Whether your dream is to travel around the world, go on Safari, sit on the beach with your grandkids, or spend a month living with monks in Tibet, we want your adventures to come to life.

Keep the Lights On

No matter how wealthy you are and how many dreams you have, we all want to keep the lights on. Intelligently planning for your basic, fundamental expenses, like your housing, utilities, and food expenses, are at the heart of every financial plan we create. We use our proprietary technology to help you reach these basic goals.