Account Sequencing

Selecting which accounts to withdraw money from is key to a successful retirement.

Maximize your wealth through account sequencing

Did you know that the average worker retires with six different financial accounts? A successful retirement may depend on spending money from the right accounts, determining which checks to cash, and figuring out what to do with any surplus cash. You may be able to add years to your retirement savings or potentially increase your inheritance value by getting that sequencing right. At United Income, we equip you with a clear account withdrawal plan in retirement, so you can go back to focusing on what’s important to you.

One United Withdrawal Plan

Our members receive one united withdrawal plan across all of their accounts, regardless of whether their accounts are held in Geneva, their 401(k) plan, or with us at United Income. To help you reach your financial goals, we look at balance size, asset types, taxes, legacy preferences, and spending plans across all your accounts. These considerations may impact your ability to stretch out your savings and ultimately ensure your financial security.

Help to reduce your taxes

The U.S. federal tax code is nearly 75,000 pages long. Do you feel confident that your advisor has a firm grasp on all the details? We have integrated those tax rules into our software so we can find the personalized financial and investment plan that we believe saves you the most money in taxes – while also balancing that goal against your dreams, the markets, and other considerations. We then translate that understanding into a customized plan that helps you lower your taxes and reach your giving, legacy, or spending goals.