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How Longer Lives Have Changed Retirement

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Quarterly Report for Q1 2018

Every quarter we analyze recent market trends and performance, looking at their impact on your wealth, the economy more generally, and our investment strategy. See what we have to say this quarter.

Imagine a Tax System that Taxpayers Could Understand

The 2,600 pages of U.S. tax rules remains a playground for experts to find for their clients that are nearly impossible for the bulk of non-experts to benefit from.

A New Efficient Approach to Investing

United Income has developed a framework for a new, low-cost approach to investing and managing wealth that we call Efficient Investing.

Older Americans Are Too Fearful About Money and Investing

Income inequality among older Americans has been shrinking in recent decades due to sometimes unnecessary decisions to restrict spending.

Why Grandma And Grandpa’s Golden Years Include Debt

Consumers aged 60 or older are taking out debt faster than any other age group, which may curb their ability to fully enjoy retirement.

Spend It If You Got It: How Frugal Retirees Impact All Of Us

The average retiree is actually accumulating wealth, rather than depleting their assets as they age.

Are Retirees Living Too Frugally?

Due to declining financial optimism, the average adult 60 years or older will trim their spending by about 2.5 percent every year, or by about 20 percent over a 10-year period.

What Everyone Misses About Tracking Their Retirement Investments

Rather than relying solely on benchmarks, your retirement investment portfolio should consider your specific, personal liabilities.

The Flawed But Common Advice That Can Dramatically Increase Your Tax Bill In Retirement

Simply drawing down the most heavily taxed accounts first is not always the right approach.

Help Us Build A Better Retirement

We are bringing to life a simple and effective money management approach, one that takes care of your day-to-day needs while maximizing your income and ability to reach your goals as you age.